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Racks to Riches 



Racks to Riches is about helping you grow your dancing business. Here's how a subscription to this website can make a difference for you: 


What does a subscription get you right now?


Over 200 pages of content on:

Strip Club Basics


Building Your Toolkit

Giving Dances

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Getting and staying in VIP rooms

Improving Your Stage Performance

Goal Setting

Building Relationships in the Club

Video Content:

Videos on giving dances, verbal and non-verbal communication, information on creating and maintaining your looks, and long form videos to answer your FAQs.

What Makes Racks to Riches Different? 

While there are other sales training platforms out there, Racks to Riches stands out because it''ll bring you new content that's being developed every day.  I am passionate about providing information for dancers, and I believe that we all have tons to learn from each other. That means not just giving out one set of content for everyone to work off, but making an effort to bring in different perspectives, styles of teaching, and sources of information for you to look over. 

 Because I'm still very much active in the industry, I'm developing content in different states, different clubs, and with dancers and club employees that have vastly different perspectives on the industry.  Racks to Riches isn't just about how I view the industry and our role in it; it's about creating a space for all of us to improve each other together. 


Because of this lens, the quality of content and the frequency of content both matter deeply to me.  I am making a commitment to you to bring you quality content to improve your sales game every month, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. Here's how: 

1. Racks to Riches is a membership service: this means you can choose to stay with it, or you can choose to cancel it.  You get to pick how long you support this platform, and you get to move along if the content no longer serves your needs. I want you to get the best information available, and if you feel that this site has become stagnant or it's not providing you with value then you should be able to end your commitment. 


Unlike other training programs that will ask you for a large sum up front, here your commitment goes from month to month. Racks to Riches isn't just a passive income pipeline for me.  It's a business that I'm growing to meet the needs of entertainers, and this means being accountable to you as a customer. You get to hold me accountable every month when you decide whether to keep supporting this site.  

2. Racks to Riches is a business with a purpose. My goal is to help as many dancers as possible learn, grow, and stack up.  And to do it through interactions with you and with other entertainers that are at every stage of their growth and progress.  We all have something of value to add, and I want this website to become a place where we can all bring value to the table.  To make this happen, I will commit 90% of every dollar that goes into the membership service in 2018 into funding additional content for you.  That means compensation for other dancers or club staff that dedicate their time to providing information or tutorials on the website. It means camera equipment to bring you better quality videos.  It means the flexibility to make time for more tutorials, more articles, and more one-on-one interactions with you.  

The other 10%?  It's going to organizations that provide resources for survivors of domestic violence.  This is a cause that deeply matters to me, and that I donate my own money to. I want Racks to Riches to be a part of it, too.  If you want more information on what those organizations are, click here.  

So, what can you expect over the next few months? 

- Interviews with successful dancers, club staff members, and customers.  A wealth of perspectives to show you different angles of the business, and a multitude of ways to make dancing work for you.  

- Video Versions of all the membership content; listen, watch, or read along.

- Digital and printable worksheets to help you organize your totals, your work calendar, and your daily goals. 


Content geared towards dancers who've been in the industry for some time and are looking to up their game beyond the basics; this means more in-depth discussions, tutorials, and exercises than what'll be available with the Starter Pack Course.  

- Content guided by you: if there is demand for a type of tutorial, article, or interview, I will do my best to fulfill popular requests.  The beauty of a membership service is that all of the content can be updated, expanded on, or created depending on what you're looking for.  

Membership to Racks to Riches is 19.95 per month. That's about as much as: 

The Price of a Dance

The Cost of Three Lattes

 One purchase of lipstick at Sephora

About 1/5th of a pair of Lululemon pants


A slew of content to help you grow your skills, your business, and yourself.  

So, what do you say?