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How much do you think your club would spend on teaching you how to sell more if they had to pay you a $250,000 salary?

Clubs know they'll make money whether you do or not.

Someone in the room will know how to sell customers, how to get them to buy again and again, and how to get the most out of the club.  

Make sure you're that person.

Your club invests heavily in marketing, making their customers happy, and selling at the highest prices.  

Shouldn't you? 

Sunday May 26, 2019:



10 Sales Commandments Webinar

& Stay Tuned This Summer For...


  • Debunking Dancer Money Myths: Budgeting, Tracking, Banking, and why “I can make more later” is getting in the way of your future right now.


  • Building Your Exit Strategy: working backwards to create your ideal practices, money targets, and social circle going forward.