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Stripper Boot Camp 

You stay on top of marketing, sales, customer interactions, finances, and business development.

And you deserve tools designed for your business.

Session One- 6/10-7/15/19 

If you're COMMITTED to improving your sales, defining your purpose, and making MASSIVE progress in your business, join us for the FIRST EVER stripper bootcamp of its kind. Five weeks

to grow your business inside and out; with a support network unlike any other.

- Three one-on-one calls to set your bootcamp goals, track your progress, and measure your results.

- Small group accountability and exclusive groups of highly motivated colleagues to keep you moving forward.

- Weekly exclusive webinar courses only available for members.

- Weekly tutorial videos and live Q&A Sessions to give you the information your business needs.


- Your Racks to Riches Planner and Workbook are included with the bootcamp.

Disclaimer: this class is NOT for those who aren't ready to commit to their success. 


For this course to give you the full value each member deserves, you will need to commit to AT LEAST three hours of participation every week.  You will also be tracking your numbers, and participating in course activities on a weekly basis.

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If you're ready to set your goals, grow your business, and create MASSIVE change for yourself, then apply below