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Industrial dosages of makeup. 


Dollar bills.

Birth control.

Late nights.

Busy days.


Butt pimples.



Youthful, blemish free, glowy skin.

Feeling outmatched?

In this video series, the owner and head aesthetician of Spa Aeon in Atlanta gives us her take on putting in that extra TLC to care for your skin.  From exfoliation, nutrition, facials, and finding the right skincare provider for you, she's got you covered.  

- Exfoliwhat?

- The difference between manual and chemical exfoliation

- Why it's an important part of your skincare routine

- Why your skin is part of your toolkit as an entertainer

- What makes full coverage makeup different from BB creams or mineral foundation

- Tips to avoid cosmetic acne, and its root cause

- One thing you can do to improve your cleansing routine today

- What irritants do to your skin

- What you should avoid when shopping for eye makeup 

- What's nutrition got to do with it?

- Tools to supplements your diet

- The role antioxidants play in skincare

- Where to get Vitamin A (other than grass-fed liver)

- The benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

- Drink water, drink water, and then drink some more.

- Why cheap waxes will cost you more than the price tag

- How ingrown hairs come in/how to deal with them

- How to decide if shaving is the right option for you

- Why exfoliation isn't just for your face

- What in the world is sugaring?!

- Why plastic surgery isn't the only solution for skin concerns, and why waiting may be the right call

- Preparing your skin for sudden changes

- Why fillers/surgery/lifts are your choice and no one else's!

- sun protection, sun protection, sun protection

- Tips to reduce scarring after surgery

- Breakouts outside of your face

- How you can use exfoliation in other parts of your body

- Why cleaning off after work is so important

- What to do if you're too tired for a full cleansing routine

- The effects of sun on your skin

- How to care for and protect your skin

- Why tanning booths are the mortal enemy of your supple, beautiful, youthful complexion

- How to get that gorgeous glow without sacrificing your health