Why You (Probably) Haven't Signed Up For 10 Sales Commandments

August 19, 2019

“10 Sales Commandments is worth its weight in PLATINUM.”


“The Ten Sales Commandments webinar was honestly the most eye opening moment I’ve ever had from my time in this industry (4 years).”


Every dollar I’ve spent on your content has given me 100x that amount in value.


I was hesitant about buying at first but THANK GOD I did.” 


“Ten Sales Commandments was everything I had hoped for and more.  I have been dancing for 10 years and there were integral parts of making sales in the club that just never occurred to me until this event….” 


“I’ve noticed an ENORMOUS change. 

I used to only go home with $500-700 a night, but the past 3 weekends I’ve left with nothing less than $1,200-1,800.  Every.  Single.  Night.” 



Let’s get real.  If you’ve been in the Racks to Riches world for a while, you’ve heard about Ten Sales Commandments.  It’s a four hour killer sales event- with massive amounts of information on growing and mastering your sales skills.  It comes with a recording, a book, an extended Q&A, and content that can help you start growing your $$$ that same day! 


So…why haven’t you signed up yet? 

Maybe you don’t have enough information to make a decision. If all you need are the details, click here and make it happen.  But let’s face it.  You probably already know all that.  You’ve been seeing it for months, but haven’t made the commitment yet.  And if you haven’t, YOU’RE RIGHT.


It’s not on you to believe a product like this can work, does work, and NEEDS to be a part of your toolkit.


Because here's the thing. If you’ve been going back and forth (or just back), you have some good reasons for passing.  



Maybe you bought a product like this that didn’t work, and you don’t want to waste money.

Maybe you’re tired of being sold on products that make big claims with no guarantees.  

Maybe you just can’t afford it.

Or you just know you can afford to pass on it.

Or perhaps you already know it all.


Are you willing to bet your career on that? If you're 100% sure that a product like this can't help you, doesn't work, and isn't for you- you can stop reading.  And if you're only 99.9999999% sure, give me a few minutes to show you what 10 Sales Commandments can do to make a MASSIVE change in your sales, your mindset and your LIFE.


Let's start with those objections: 


“It won’t work.” 


I’m right there with you. We’ve all bought products with big promises that don’t work.  Most sales content is vague, lazily designed, or copy+paste.  There's no way it'll work- the person putting it together didn't even work on it themselves! 


Not 10 Sales Commandments. You’ll get 4 hours of tools, techniques, and content designed to help you build YOUR own process. It’s thorough, it’s thought out, and it’s unlike any other live event in our space (just like you!). And all our products have a 30 day money back guarantee- so you can actually hold me to it.  Because you don’t see a return on your investment after using the content in this webinar, then I don’t deserve your business! 


"I can’t afford it.” 


If you don’t have a way to pay for this event, and you really want to attend- email me directly: carmen@rackstoriches.com  I will work with you - if you need a payment plan, we'll make it happen. If you need a less expensive option, we have products at a lower price.  And because our promise is always to deliver more value than what you'll pay for, you can get hours of sales content and have hours and hours of FREE content- because no matter what’s in your pocket we’re here to help you (l)earn more.  To get started, check our @racks_to_riches on instagram, and https://www.youtube.com/rackstoriches. 



But for those who are on the fence, unsure, or just unconvinced- and who are using pricing as an excuse- here’s my ask: how long can you afford not to step up your sales?


How long can you afford to give excuses and complaints instead of getting skilled and getting paid? 

And what will it cost you at the end of your career to skip out on opportunities to earn more, meet top earners, and gain skills you can use in any business?  T


his is an investment in your career, your future, and your business.  And whether you choose to do business with me, or spend your hard earned money elsewhere, please make sure that you spend some of it on growing your sales skills!


I am 1000% convinced that your ability to sell will affect your money, your quality of life, and your future more than any other skill you can bring into the club.  


Anything that can change the course of your life so massively is worth studying in depth.  


And finally…



“I already know it.” 


Doctors don’t stop learning.  Lawyers invest in continuing education.  Do you think top executives stop absorbing information? The average CEO reads 60 books a year. "Fortune 100 companies… can spend in excess of $1 billion a year on employee training programs.”  


Most of us started this job with ZERO training, no industry resources, and no context for success…but you…know it… all? 


The belief that you know it all is ignorance or arrogance.  Ignorance or arrogance, and usually both. 

It’s time for some serious self reflection.  There is always more to learn.* 


There are always new tools out there- but it’s easier to stroke the ego than to challenge the mind.


We overestimate our current level of success.

We underestimate the effort it will take to reach the next level of success. 


There are dancers making $3000 a week that think they’re in the top 1% of the industry, and dancers making $800,000 a year that are showing up to sales events hungry to learn more.  I’ve met both. 


There are dancers with $50,000 under the mattress that won’t study personal financial management because they’ve convinced themselves they have nothing more to learn while their money depreciates under the covers and the IRS bill goes unpaid. And dancers with multiple properties, multiple businesses, and a solid retirement plan that read constantly, invest in learning about money, and pay attention to every new opportunity that comes their way.  I’ve met both. 


Who do you want to become through this industry? 

What beliefs will you choose to propel you forward,

and which beliefs will keep you where you are?


We all get to choose. 


So, I'll ask you one more time:



Are you ready to commit to 10 Sales Commandments? 

Click below to sign up!








*By the way, I DON’T KNOW IT ALL. I don’t even know most of it.  I am not a hectamillionaire, and I am not selling million dollar products.  Yet.  And that’s why I invest constantly into my education- because my focus is 100% on growing my money, my skills, and my ability.  That takes admitting I don't know it all.  But what I do know, and what I have learned from almost 8 years in the industry I am committed to sharing with you. 


From events, to webinars, to courses, to books- if it teaches me how to grow my $$$ I want it.  If it will make me a return I will pay for it.  And if I can connect it to the principles, techniques, and information that we can use to grow massively as entertainers, you better believe Racks to Riches is talking about it. 


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