Does This Stuff Really Work?

May 14, 2019


I will NOT guarantee that anything is going to work for you- because the truth is no program, book, or talk will make you money unless you go out there and do the work.


 These are tools to help you build on what you’re already doing- if you have the hunger and the drive, they’re here to help you build.  If you plan to click, purchase, then let them collect dust- then no- I absolutely don’t think that it will work. And I would NOT recommend that you buy them, because they won't serve you.


You’ve probably already shopped around for other products.  Many of those tools may be useful, but they often have a limited understanding of the industry- of how we sell, of what we sell, and of how every entertainer uses different strategies that work for them.  I think that’s also reflected in their price- if I’m learning about sales from someone who isn’t in my industry, who doesn’t have practical information for me, and whose ideas I have to translate to my field I don’t want to pay top dollar - because I will be doing most of the legwork.


This platform is fundamentally about building tools that work for our industry, so I see the value  as far more than what they're priced at. What I’ve made by changing up how I approach the club is hundreds of thousands, not hundreds- and I feel that I’ve built a unique product that can give massive value to other entertainers who want to do it their way.


I will NOT tell you the “right” way or the “easy way.”  It’s hard work, effort, and lots of failure- just like any other career.  I will not give you the “law of attraction” or a list of overused lines that work for me but wouldn’t work for you.  Because I’ve seen people selling those things, and watching them do more harm than good is why I started Racks to Riches in the first place. 


My goal will always be to help you along your journey- not to tell you that copying mine is going to give you a set result.  That means you’ll do a lot of the hard thinking, a lot of the mindset work, and you’ll have a lot more tools in your toolkit to try new strategies and push yourself past your comfort zone. But I also understand that what I’m saying may not resonate with you- maybe not now, and maybe not ever. Not everyone learns the same way, needs the same tools, or clicks with the same educators- and I will never push someone to buy a product from me they don’t see value in. 


Not at the club, and certainly not here.  That’s why I’m so intentional about providing lots and lots of free content- so you can get a really clear sense of what I’m up to and whether it will serve you or not.  If it’s a no, thanks for checking it out anyway! If it’s a yes, then I encourage you to invest in yourself and invest in your business.  And to actually use the tools you buy when you show up to the club! 


This is not about talk: it’s about actions taken over and over again over time.  If you cannot do that work, no one else can do it for you.  But if you’re willing and ready, I want you and every other entertainer to have the tools, the products and the services that every other industry offers.


I am absolutely sold on learning what other entertainers, salespeople, and businesses have to teach me. I spend 10% of my income on educational products and services, inside and outside of dancer products.  I buy from other entertainers who are teaching- and the price point is not the issue for me- it’s the value it gives me.


But there was also a time when $100 or $50 or even $20 for a service or product felt like too much.  Because it WAS too much.  I’ve been sunk in bills, living shift-to-shit, and even hundreds of thousands in debt before.  And I aim to be aware of that and build content of high quality no matter what the price point is.


But I also want to offer higher price products that let me put in the time and effort to build something amazing without sacrificing my own personal vision, goals, and purpose. I am not a retired dancer, and I am not someone with small goals. 


My time (just like yours) is extremely valuable, and to offer a premium service does need a higher price tag- I would rather offer an in-depth and personalized session to ten people than a generic, dime-a-dozen product to a hundred for a lower price.  Just like at the club, I don’t set my prices based on what everyone else around me is charging- I set prices based on the quality of service that I feel I can deliver, and the value I will give my customers.


Now, I want to be super transparent with you and anyone else reading this- this is the first series of webinars, and Racks to Riches is still a growing business.  There will times when not everything is perfect on the first try, or when it’s not as pretty or as polished as a 5-year old business with a seven-figure budget.  But at the core of this project is not a flashy website or an Instagram page- it’s a heartfelt belief that the content I’m creating works, that it can work for you, and that it can help you grow your business.  If I didn’t feel that way I’d shut down the doors right now. 


I believe if you’re on the same path and willing to put in the work that this will serve you FAR more than the price costs you.  And that the price is extremely fair based on what you will get- through this platform and on the website I strive to always give y’all far more value than what you’ll ever pay me- so if the instagram clips, the challenges, the articles on the website, or anything else on here is serving you, then when I build tools that cost money, time, and effort I try to be super aware of what it’s running you- because I’m also on the floor, working hard, selling dances and rooms and doing stage sets- and I know what it takes to make $100, so if I ask for it from members of my community I feel deeply obliged to serve and help them.


But I’d like to repeat that I’ll still be here to serve and help no matter what the price points of my products are.  I make an effort to reply to almost every DM and question that pops up- and to be helpful everywhere that I work and everywhere that I go.  Racks to Riches isn’t just webinars or boot camps or planners.  I have a long-term vision to build a space online and through the industry that will serve this community, offer amazing products, and that can fund amazing community change and help millions of people- not thousands.  That’s far more important to me than money- but that also takes money, and without building product lines and high-end options, something like this can’t scale.


I know that’s probably a lot more than what you asked for, but I want to share that for anyone reading- because I think so many of us are sick and tired of “I’LL TEACH YOU THE SECRETS OF MAKING CASH QUICK” crowd that’s all over the internet selling snake oil and taking advantage of their customers. And that’s why I take your concern really seriously- because I’ve also bought into products that felt like a scam, felt like I overpaid for generic advice, and ultimately have walked away unhappy. 


But the few that came from people who really cared about their product, their service, and how they could help others absolutely changed my life.  Without those products, those investments, and that education my life wouldn’t be what it is now.  But it wasn’t just the products- it was also what I was willing to do to make those principles work for me.  


 And what’s why I repeat, again, that just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it will work the same exact way for you.  I’ve gone to webinars, conferences, and bought books- but I’ve also practiced those skills, heard “no” thousands and thousands of times at the club, and put in the hours and the effort to grow myself and my business.  I’ve seen customers get approached ten times in a row and say no and gotten them to a massive close- and I’ve also seen ten customers say yes to other people and heard no from each one of them. 


I don’t have all the answers, and I’m not “better” or full of “secrets” that do the work for you and give you a 100% success rate.  I'm just like you, I have great shifts, terrible shifts, and everything in between.  If you want to learn how to be a stripper celebrity that’s flush with cash and works very little for it- these products will not serve you.  I can only teach you what I know and have access to, and I am not a perfect, always flush with cash, working two nights a week entertainer. I am someone that has worked extremely hard to get here, that has collected lots of tools along the way, and that is passionate about sharing them with others- no matter where they are in their journey. 


I believe tools like tracking, budgeting, getting deeply in control of how you’re selling at the club, and how you plan for your future can help other dancers grow their business and massively change their life- just like dancing has done for me. And I’m passionate about sharing it and using my brand and my business to affect massive scale change for the community.


I hope that gives you a more clear picture of where I’m coming from and wish you all the success.



See you on the floor,



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