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March 2, 2019



























This is the introduction to "Mastering the Basics: A Racks to Riches Workbook."  It's a workbook designed for dancers of all experience levels- from beginner to expert.  


With 30 exercises that cover everything from budgeting to establishing boundaries around your business- and 10+ challenges to help you build your own sales system for success.  Continue scrolling for previews and the table of contents. 


Some of us may have gotten into dancing thinking it would be easy money. Short nights, quick payouts, loads of fun, luxury goods, new cars, and penthouse suites.


But I'd venture to guess that more of us have gotten started not because it was easy, but because it was necessary. Family emergencies, financial crisis, or personal needs going unmet may have kickstarted a career that we knew little about from the get-go.


After years of working in this industry, I know one thing is certain: no matter how you got started, you have big goals about where you want to end up.


Strippers are some of the most creative, motivated, and hardworking individuals out there—and under the right conditions, dancing can give us the independence, resources, and ability to live out our greatest dreams.


We’ve all met or at least heard of entertainers who’ve “made it.” They own businesses, have terminal degrees, invest wisely, or have even reached fame and fortune. They launched off from the adult entertainment industry and used it to build their dreams.


So why do so many of us wake up months, years, or decades into our career and still find ourselves so far from reaching our full potential?


This feeling isn’t exclusive to dancers, by the way. It’s hard to succeed consistently in any business; and entertainment is no exception. Many dancers keep waiting on their big break, without working on the practical skills necessary to reach their own goals.



With someone else’s purpose guiding our daily habits and practices, we may burn out quickly, give up easily, and keep building up dissatisfaction towards the job, the industry, our colleagues, and even our customers. So, how do we handle these issues?

  • -  How do we stop watching others make more money every night, and start consistently out-earning and out-performing as a top salesperson?

  • -  How do we make sure we have the skills and habits that build success, instead of having to rely on luck and chance for our wins and losses?

  • -  How do we bring joy and fun back into dancing?

    If you’re looking for an easy fix, you won’t find it here. There is no recipe for overnight success. Making it in this industry takes practice, effort, and action.

    But you didn’t invest in this book because you want an average career. You’re here because you want to succeed at higher levels and to win against the odds; at a level you can’t get to by relying on random chance.


To be clear, you may have great nights, catch the occasional big spender, or have a lot of fun as a stripper without putting in that heavy lifting.


If these are your only goals, party on.  Just know this workbook might not be for you.  


But if you dream, think, and know that you can go bigger than this; if you want more out of this career than a 9-5 in heels...well, read on.


Let’s start by setting some expectations about what this workbook can do for you.


Because, if we’re being frank to master all the principles of sales and communication out there is as unreasonable as it is unnecessary.


I will be the first in line to tell you that I haven’t mastered every single concept of sales, marketing, personal financial management, and investing that’s out there. But I didn’t have to in order to find my personal version of success in the industry- and you don’t either. To truly understand all of those concepts would take more than one lifetime; and no one book can cover all of these concepts thoroughly.




Lucky for us, you don’t need to master every element of sales, and marketing, and investing, and self-care, to see massive improvement in day-to-day performance. Just taking small simple and consistent steps to get to your goals will get you more in tune with your vision and potential than any over-the-top change-your-life-in-a-day recipe.






More than that, I believe that taking steps, no matter how small, to improve yourself in any of these categories is more important for strippers, cam girls, escorts, sugar babies, and full-service sex workers than for almost any other demographic out there.


Because of how much income we make, we have both great potential and great vulnerability—something that shady “financial planners,” pyramid scheme peddlers, codependent family members, and pimps/manipulative partners take advantage of every single day.


Often, strippers are treated as if we’re incapable of making these big life-decisions on our own. Our career is used against us to imply that we’re not smart, focused, or capable enough to create big-time change. We may hear these lies from manipulative partners, codependent parents and family members, religious and social groups, and from strangers at the club--day-in and day-out.


And when you hear something over and over, you may start believing it- especially when you work in an industry that for a very long time has gone without written histories, educational tools, and stories of success. I say a long time, because in the last few years sex workers have been hard at work shifting this narrative- and changing the industry by doing so.


Even worse than those who dismiss us are those who peddle false “fixes” and “get-rich-quick” schemes to our community and convince dancers to put their money into poor “investments” or downright scams with promises of a big payday in the future.


From partners who take the income of dancers with promises of “management” or “financial education” (income that those dancers will never see again), to disreputable financial planners or service providers that convince dancers to take out overpriced insurance policies, invest in bad deals, or downright take their money and disappear into the night. 


Even without people who are trying to take, dancers are often the primary caretakers for their families.  Childcare expenses, mortgages, car notes, phone bills, vacations, and unexpected hospital bills may show up at exactly the worst times.  It may become an expectation that we always cover the tab. 


The pressure isn't only external, either.  Plenty of dancers may find that their earnings are gone after years of work- not to others, but to their own taste for expensive luxury goods, new cars and other depreciating assets, or a thousand small transactions like Uber Eats, that new set of lingerie you had to have or that vacation that was supposed to cost $500 but ended up being $3000.


So—it’s not hard to see why so many of us fall into difficult financial situations over the course of our careers. Or why many ex-dancers may only have memories to show for their time.  


Again, I want to remind you that no one book can solve all of these issues for you.


But this one aims to get you on your way to building your own personal, professional, and financial skillset— and to give you the confidence and resources to keep learning, growing and exploring.


This is why this book is all about action, and not about sitting down to read all week long. Many of us didn’t follow a traditional educational path. Many of us had bigger responsibilities, problems, and priorities than sitting through lectures or reading dense books.


This does not have anything to do with whether you will succeed in this industry. If you take a look around you, I can guarantee that you will find an entertainer who has made amazing dreams come true and did it in their own way.

We have all been through so much, but I know one thing to be true: there is someone out there that has accomplished their goals and dreams with less than what you have right now.


And you can do it too.



This industry can be your way out, if you want it to be. But it can also be the place where you get stuck, if you don’t start planning and executing on where you want to get.


And yet, even the most motivated and determined person can waste so much time figuring out the ropes by relying on trial and error alone.


How do I know?


Because I was that person. For years I hit my head against the wall, made costly and naïve errors. I treated my income as if it was unpredictable, impossible to replicate and unlikely to improve. I ignored the principles of sales training, self-care, financial management, and organization that have been out there for centuries, because I thought that they weren’t for dancers. They were written for other professionals, but not me.


So I tried to reinvent the wheel and fell flat on my face over and over again doing it. 


It was only when I started learning the lessons of other industries and of wiser and more successful entertainers, and applying the principles that work for businesses, entrepreneurs, and top salespeople all over the world that dancing started making sense!


And that process is still ongoing. I am not a guru, master, or infallible expert in the world of stripping. I am just like you- I have great nights, bad nights, great seasons, slow seasons, big goals, and big responsibilities.


This is why I felt it was so important to put together content like this—not as a figure of authority but as a colleague and peer. Because you do not need to be a guru, a magician, or a tech wiz to start making important change in your life. You do not have to wait for the “ideal” version of yourself to show up- you’re already here, and ready to learn. The same you that is reading this can get up today, and start changing your habits.



The same you that is looking at this page now can wake up in six months with totally different goals, habits, and results.

This workbook isn’t bout some sales “secret” or a magic formula that works overnight. This is about practicing the skills that we need every day. What it’ll bring you that you can’t get elsewhere is an application of the techniques, habits, and practices that other industries already take advantage of- and that the best adult entertainers are using to change the game.


This workbook is here to translate what that generic content from other fields is missing: specific tools and skills that take into account what it’s like to grow, build, and prosper as strippers. For example:


What are auditions about? How do you choose footwear? Do you focus on pole skills or tableside conversation?


Who is the “best” customer to talk to? How do I get him into VIP? Is practicing lines corny or could it massively up my sales?


Once I start making money how do I actually keep it? Do I need to work more or less?  Can I afford a new car if I can't buy it cash?


How do I tell my boyfriend I don't want to pay for his bills anymore?  How do I plan for retirement without feeling "silly" or "too much?"



Figuring out even the most basic of principles about auditioning, preparing for working at a club, and engaging customers could save you months (or in my case, years) of misdirected effort; and make your career way more enjoyable along the way.


If this resonates with you, then you’re going to love these challenges.


They’re here to get you motivated, excited, and organized around your own personal, financial, and professional success as an adult entertainer.


Here to give you tools to find your own version of success; with clear and concise steps to make progress.


Here to pull you out of the “rut” if you’ve been dancing for months, years, or even decades without the tools and resources you needed to develop fresh and unique approaches.


They come from tried and true experience in the adult entertainment industry, and from the tried and true practices that have been a part of sales since time immemorial.


Instead of offering you empty platitudes, these challenges ask you to get busy taking action and making change.

This isn’t “attract your wins” or “if you want it enough it’ll happen.” Those affirmations may have their place on a vision board, but this workbook is about getting on with the hard work it takes to reach your goals.


About making it happen, instead of waiting for it to show up to you.


Stick with it and you’ll have a fresh set of tools to start mastering your own skills as a performer, salesperson, and steward of your resources.




By taking on this workbook, you’re actively working on improving your dancing business.


Take a second to appreciate yourself. 

Now, let’s get started.

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