Baby Stripper Starter Pack Preview: Table of Contents

June 17, 2018



Some of the working chapter titles may change or move around, but these are the basics of this project.  Tools to help you develop, grow your sales, and grow yourself.  Can't wait to be finished and to get to share it with all of you.  


- Carmen



My First Audition: An Open Letter  12

How to Use This Book       15


Part I: An Introduction 17


The Strip Club 101     18



A Very Short History of Stripping     19

Dancing Today: Challenges and Opportunities   20

Glossary of Terms    22

Club Layout        22

Club Staff   22

Club Procedures 23

Club Sales and Financial Terms       24

Club Outfits/Accessories       25

Miscellaneous Terms    26



Part II: Getting Hired   27


Auditions 101      27


Choose Your Fighter: Different Styles of Clubs         28

Sample Search: Exploring Your Options    28

Choosing Your Criteria   30

Beware: Establishing Non-Negotiables 31

Finding Your Club: What To Look For      33

Auditioning: Where, When, & How         34

***Important Note: Licenses and Permits       36

The Flip Side of The Coin: What Do Clubs Look For?      37

Preparing for Audition Success: A Timeline   42

The Week Before    43

The Day Before        47

The Day Of       49

A Typical Audition  51

If You Didn’t Get Hired… 53

If You Got Hired       56

Getting Started        57


Part III: Getting Money      58


Sales Training 101     59


Introduction to Sales: Welcome Home      62

The Four Primary Sources of Income At Strip Clubs        64

The Sales Cycle of Strip Clubs         66

A Numbers Game        66

“It Only Takes One”      66

The Sales Cycle At The Club: Expectations vs. Reality  68

Greeting Customers       70

The Approach 70

Building Rapport: Non-Verbal and Verbal Communication 74

Nonverbal Communication: Why It Matters (A Lot)      75

Improving Non-Verbal Communication: Exercises       79

Verbal Communication Basics:  Connect by Listening 80

He Said Yes!    87



Dances 101 89


Introduction to Dances: What makes a good dance good?       89

Giving a Dance: Practical Tips to Get You Started        90

The Most Important Body Parts in a Dance 93

Moving Through a Dance: A Picture Guide  95

Setting Boundaries:  Your Body, Your Call 101      



Private Rooms 101 102   


Introduction to Private Rooms: What Happens In The Back?        103

Why Mastering Rooms Matters: Money Moves     104

What Are You Selling? Establishing The Value of Your Time 106

The Line That Sells Every VIP Room 112

The Lines That Sell Every Room      114

Building Closers       114

Building Closers : Sample Line Analysis  115

More Than Lines: A Note On Timing       117

Now what? Here for a Good Time, Here for a Looong Time     118



Stage Work 101  118


Stage Sets: Setting the Mood 119

Music for Your Moves      120

Pole Work: The Very Basics 125

Floor Work: The Very Basics 130

Crowd Work: The Very Basics 133

The Billboard and the Door Knock: Translating Stage Money into Rooms and Dances 136



Part IV: Getting Good


Troubleshooting 101 120


The Importance of Preparation      121

Troubleshooting: Handling Rejection     122

Handling Rejection: Exercises 127

Troubleshooting: Handling Objections  129

Objection Station: Exercise – Crafting Responses 130

Troubleshooting: Simple Fixes to Improve Your Win Ratio     131

Troubleshooting: A Note on Substance Use and Abuse 132

Troubleshooting: That’s a Bad Dude 132



Extra Credit: Building Up From The Foundations 133


Setting Habits 


Your Toolkit: Packing for a Win 134

Consistency is Key: How to Work Hard AND Smart        136

The Importance of Tracking Your Progress

Managing Distraction: Exercises for Attention and Focus 138

Purpose is Power: Developing Your Why 140

Build the Long Term on Your Terms: Intention Drives Action 142


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


The Ecosystem of the Club: Building Relationships 143

Keeping it Casual: Guidelines of Professional Behavior 145

There’s Always Money in The Banana Stand: Teaming Up 146

Collaboration Station: Everyone Wants to Win 147

Tips on Tips: Tipping Out With Purpose 148


Service, Service, Service – Customer Relations


Building Trust: Consistency, Respect, Kindness 150

Developing Regulars: The Very Basics 152

Grounding in Gratefulness: Appreciating Your Customers 153

Setting Boundaries: Defining Your Job Title With Grace 154

A Final Note: You’re in the People Business 156


Additional Resources 


Appendix A


Educators, Resources and Additional Content 157


Appendix B


Gear Lists: First Time Dancers, Long Time Dancers, and Traveling Dancers. 158


Appendix C


Sales Training Resources 160


Works Cited 161




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