Your Five Most Underrated Work Tools

March 30, 2018


Watch and water: non-negotiable nightly companions.


You already know you have to bring your outfits, shoes, etc. every day to get the job done. But if you're like most of us, there's always something or other that can go missing. . Some of the goodies you stick in there are replaceable; you can often borrow hairspray, eyelash glue, or other small non-personal i


tems at work. Still, while some of these goods may be a mild annoyance to forget at home, there's certain goodies you should never leave the house without. Here's five that might change your night:





5. A Good Planner- When I say planner, I don't just mean a day-to-day calendar. Your planner should have a section where you write down your goals everyday. It should also be one of the places where you track down your daily, mon


thly, and yearly targets and numbers. It may sound frivolous, but think of how many times you've sat around in a locker room when it's slow, gossiping about the club, the management, the latest thing your boyfriend/girlfriend did, instead of using the slow parts of your shift to refocus and motivate yourself for the rest of the night. The most important asset you carry around is your mindset, and constantly refreshing your goals in your mind could mean the difference between quitting early and staying until you meet your wildest goals. It can also make a huge difference in keeping track of your time over the months and years; when it gets easier to visualize, the prospect of going home early or having that extra drink can be much easier to avoid.


4. Snacks and Water- Average club shifts can run from 7-12 or more hours- and there's no way to tell when the customer who wants to give you all of his money will come in. Do you want to be off your game and let some other dancer d


o the job instead? While this one may seem.a bit extraneous, staying on top of hydration and nutrition can have a long term effect in and out of work. I've seen girls leave rooms that their customers are trying to extend because they're too tired or (often) too drunk to keep getting paid after drinking on an empty stomach.


The same goes for staying hydrated. You are sometimes moving around for hours at a time, and your body needs to replenish. You usually can't go downstairs and track your water progress, so just aim on the side of caution. Order water at the bar instead of booze- if you're worried about the club sales, just order their fanciest bottled water when customers offer to buy you a drink. It'll keep you fee


ling replenished, give your skin natural glow and keep you from drinking cocktails just because your body is sending out signals that it really really really needs hydration.


3. Dental cleaning kit- Did you treat yourself to the sweet flavors of Taco Bell before work? Hope your customer likes the after smell while you whisper sweet nothings into his ear. Almost any work day, you'll eat or drink something while you're at work that'll take away the minty fresh smell of your toothpaste. Of all the senses, smell is the most closely tied to your amygdala- meaning, it's the most connected with split second decisions and with pleasant and unpleasant memories. All of that to say if you smell like the vegetable and chicken plate you just had for a snack, yo


ur customer is probably not going to associate you with the place in his b


rain where he stores "seductive minx."


To avoid the cognitive mix-up, be sure to bring in your brush and a small container of toothpaste. Bring the floss too, in case any of those snacks decide to find their way between your teeth.


2. Extra underwear- this one is a bit uncomfortable for some people to think about, so strap in. Discharge is real. So are periods, discomfort, and post-dance sweat. Not a lot more to say here. Bring an extra pair. Hell, bring two.


1. A Watch- Your manager isn't your best friend at work. Neither is your DJ, floor staff, or house mom. Your actual best friend isn't your best friend w


hen you're at work. That title goes to the most important companion that you'll ever have inside a strip club. The truth is that every minute you're at work has a monetary value, and until you see your time as your most valuable asset, you will not ever get close to maximizing your potential as a dancer. It's imperative that you always, always always wear a watch and that you get into the habit of tracking your time at work. That 15 minute conversation with a customer you know won't buy anything but a drink or two could potentially cost you thousands of dollars if the right customer walks through the door, buys a drink for himself`, then one for the entertainer that gets there first to help him make a purchase. The dancer that gives away her time isn't a professional- the definition of a professional is someone that is getting paid for a particular skill or task- so every minute you're not talking to a potential customer or being paid to entertain is time where you are an amateur. Don't be an amateur. Be a moneymaker. Wear a watch.



What do you think? Any big ticket items that are essentials to bring every night?

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