Ten Reasons to Go In : Self-Love Edition

March 30, 2018



Long term goals? Beach, Mai Tai, Sunshine.

Short term goals? Go in; tonight.




Sometimes it's hard to go to work. Like hard. Like, really, really, really hard.

For those days, here are some great personal reasons to push through the inertia and make it into the office.



1. You're worth it. Your goals, values, and ambitions deserve to be fed and well-funded.


2. It'll make you stronger! And the stronger you are, the more likely you are to succeed. From " Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance," by Angela Duckworth:

"...high but not the highest intelligence, combined with the greatest degree of persistence, will achieve greater eminence than the highest degree of intelligence with somewhat less persistence."


3. It's boss lady practice. If you plan to start a business, go into a new field, or just propel your life forward by dancing, working when you're tired or uncomfortable or just plain don't feel like it will be a part of your life that you have to overcome. Start perfecting it now, instead of when you have all your boss lady millions on the line.


4. It only takes one. He's out there. He's got a wallet full of crisp hundred dollar bills, and all he wants is the company of someone like you to chat and have fun with. He probably wants to give you a massage too, and he's pretty good at that. Do you want him to give it all to you, or to someone else?


5. Great company. Show me the five people you spend the most time with, and I'll show you who you are. If you want to be successful, to live an amazing life, and to be a complete and total shark you need to spend time with other people who operate like you do. Those people are not at home watching Netflix. They're at the club, taking all the money. And if you spend enough time around them, you may just make a new set of amazing friends.


6. 10,000 hours. The old adage is 10,000 hours of deliberate practice will get you within arm's length of expertise. That means 10K hours of just practicing your sales pitches, entertaining customers, persuading them to renew rooms, and getting your dance on will get you to a level of expertise that you can take outside of the club and rule the world with. How many hours have you clocked in?


7. When opportunity knocks, you'll be ready. Someone shows up to your house today, and offers you 1,000,000 if you can give them $100,000. Are you ready?That's a 10x return, and most of us would not be able to pay up even if someone did offer it to us. If you're not prepared or involved in investments now, what will sitting on the couch get you?


8. It's a self-esteem boost-everytime you show yourself that you can do something difficult or uncomfortable, you're teaching your body and mind to push through challenges. Done over a long period of time, your inner monologue will go from "I can't" to "How can I?"


9. You can do (insert excuse here) with the other 16 hours of the day. Unless you're in Vegas and the clubs are eternally open, your club will open and close. While it's closed, you can do the laundry, get your nails done, call your friend, or hang out with your man. While it's open, give yourself the opportunity to make money!


10. It's not as hard as you think. Grab your bag. Put on your makeup. Do your hair. Grab your sparkliest heels. And then go do it!


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