Starting Out: Greeting Customers

March 30, 2018

A few easy ways to say hello.


You’re hired, you’re ready to go, you walk out to the floor. There are customers sitting here and there, and dancers huddled at the bar or occasionally approaching customers for dances or rooms. What do you do next?



First of all, you should be the one approaching customers, not the other way around. Your customer has traveled to come see you- sometimes thousands of miles away from home. They’ve agreed to pay a cover fee to get in the club, have probably done their research on what club they wanted to come to, and they’ve bought a drink. Now, all you have to do is walk 10-30 feet over to their seat.


Granted, that can be overwhelming if you haven’t done it yet. It can make you nervous, maybe a little uncomfortable. The most important thing to remember is your customers are more nervous than you are. Youre a beautiful person, and they came here to see you. So go ahead and walk up to the first one. It’ll only ever get easier.


There’s more than one way to greet a customer, but there is only one way that is always right to greet a customer.


First, walk up to them- preferably from the front. That way they can see you as you approach. From the moment you make the decision to walk over, straighten your shoulders, raise your head up, walk seductively and smile. Smile until your cheeks hurt.


As you approach, extend your right hand out, approach them at their level (if they’re sitting, you can sit across from them or crouch down right in front of them so they feel in control) and then say:

Hi, my name is _______________. What’s yours?

Welcome to ___________________, My name is __________________. And you are?


As you say this, make sure that you continue smiling. They’ll either introduce themselves, or they’ll let you know they don't want your company at the moment.


If they introduce themselves, you can follow up with something that feels genuine and that you're legitimately interested in hearing about.


How's your day?

What brings you into town? and,

Are you from __________?


are all available and simple options to keep the conversation going. When they speak, look for connections that bring you closer together. Are you from the same city? Is there something about his job that you have experience in? Did you travel to/from the same area to get to where you are? From there, you can keep moving into a discussion, or you can extend the offer of a room or dance. For more on conversation and leading towards room/dance sales, stay posted. More content coming out soon.


A note on rejections:


Even if customers say they’re alright for now, don’t walk away right at that moment. A lot of times, customers automatically say something like “I’m not ready” or “I’m good right now” as an auto-pilot response. It’s your job to convince them to keep you there, and if they truly are not ready it’s still your job to make them feel welcome and excited to be at your club. A lot of times, continuing to show interest and respect in customers after they've turned you down can make them change their opinion of you; it may even get you what you asked for in the first place.

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