Setting New Habits: Show Up Early, Leave Late

March 30, 2018

As dancers, we're extremely lucky to have lots of personal autonomy over how we want to work. However, at most clubs, there's either minimal or no set up requirements on our daily interactions with customers and with each other.


While there are lots of components that we can all improve on to become better salespeople, these are rarely discussed out loud or reinforced in new dancers. As a result, many of us end up losing out on massive amounts of money over our careers. While we can't cover every strategy to maximize income in one article, we'll run through a set of habits that may be costing you money every shift, with some new potential habits to try out instead.



Bad Habit: Arriving late, Leaving Early.


While no one can make you stay through a whole entire shift, there's a reason that your club is open early and closes late. While you may think that staying for the four or five hours that your club is the most busy is profitable, there's a couple of factors that make this strategy less than optimal.

For one, your club is open because there is moneymaking potential. Even in the slowest shifts, there is opportunity to make money. And while there may be less customers, this is almost always balanced out by having less dancers on the floor and ready to go. You also have to deal with higher tip outs combined with less time to make your goals; a recipe for stress that may affect your decision making throughout the night. Even if there aren't quality customers, time at work can still be valuable if you use it intentionally. Do you know the bouncers, DJs, managers, bartenders and waitstaff at your club? If not, slow nights are a great way to make a good impression and to set yourself apart by remaining positive even when other dancers complain about the state of affairs. If anything, staying at the club guarantees that whenever the big spenders do arrive, you'll feel the most prepared, deserving and confident to reap in the rewards.


Better Habit: Arrive early, stay until close.


Unless your club is open 24/7, making it a habit to stay until your club closes, and making an effort to arrive early in the night to your shift can dramatically alter the totals of your weeks, months, and years. At first, it'll feel like lots of work. Once you start to treat it like a consistent job, though, it'll give you the freedom to live on your own terms. Worth it.

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