Note: the international package includes the planner! 


It goes way beyond sales. 


Come join a community of entertainers designed to help you grow! This is a one-of-a-kind space that helps you connect over material, resources, and challenges built for dancers by dancers. 


The course is growing every day, and hosts multiple social forums, FAQs, new resources, and challenges to help you grow your business.  


In The Orca Academy we dive deep on:


- Mastering your Mindset 

- Managing your Money

- Framing your Attitude 

- Sales Techniques

- Handling Objections and Rejection 


And you'll get updated, fresh content regularly- to keep you motivated, excited, and connected.  When you buy, you'll get: 

  • Your own physical copy of "Stripping the Sale": a 34 Challenge workbook with prompts, information, resources, and tools to grow your dancer business.
  • Access to the Orca Academy Instagram Group: covering the workbook content with add-ons, giveaways, and networking just for members.
  • Access to The Orca Academy Teachable Course: your digital home for Racks to Riches content! Long form videos, written content, quizzes and comments, and automatic progress tracking- all on your own timeline.
  • Bi-Monthly Conference Calls: meet orcas from all around the world! Come connect, set targets and mastermind through obstacles in your journey with this amazing community of entertainers. 
  • The IG Live Vault: access every Racks to Riches IG live video in one place.  From difficult sales scenarios to common issues for dancers in the industry, check out over 10 hours of additional content - with more uploaded every month! 


The Orca Academy - International

$250.00 Regular Price
$212.50Sale Price
  • - When you purchase, send a screenshot of your order confirmation to @the_orca_academy on instagram.  You'll be invited into the course. 

    -Once we have your e-mail of purchase and your IG Handle, you'll be enrolled into the Teachable course.  Your login will be your purchase e-mail, and your password will be your instagram handle (including the @).

    - For more information, check out www.theorcaacademy.com