September 1, 2019: 6 PM, CST


Are you ready to get serious about making more closes, getting more rooms, and asking for higher tips?

In this 3+ hour webinar, we'll deep dive on how to make lasting changes to your sales approaches that you can start practicing today. With your purchase, you'll get:


- Access to the live event, and the extended Q&A session afterwards

- 40+ page e-book outlining critical concepts, examples, lines, and likely obstacles (delivered 24 hours before the presentation). 

- An audio recording of the event from start to finish- hone in on critical concepts, study areas you may have missed, and get pumped up before, during, and after work!

- And an amazing networking opportunity to connect with other entertainers laser-focused on working on growing their sales and their business.  

Learn what separates the amateurs from the closers, how to handle rejection and use objections to your advantage, and what habits you need to put in place to stay consistent at the club-no matter what.  You won't want to miss it! 


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PS.  Once you purchase, please make sure you check your e-mail and download the registration instructions! Register right away to ensure you get the latest updates, and all of the content before the event begins.  

Ten Sales Commandments - September 1

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