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Money move(r)s

Where is your money in 30 years? 


What about 30 days?


....what about today?

At the end of the day it's not what you make; it's what you keep.  Your net worth will not grow without a solid plan carried out day-by-day over time, and this course is all about giving you the tools to build your own money strategy. Designed with dancers in mind, money move(r)s will get you learning and planning for your financial future in the most useful way possible: on your own terms.  

What does any of this money stuff have to do with me?

The foundation of this course?

                   personal responsibility > anything else.  

Prompts to get your mind going on the trajectory of your financial life. 

The path towards a quality budget, and why the dreaded B word is a crucial part of caring for your cash. 

What is the difference between gross and net income?  Why should you keep track of what's coming in? 

The difference between fixed and variable costs, and the role tracking expenses plays in your financial health.

Four ways to track where your money goes.

Building a simple sample budget by using all of the tools in this module.