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The Baby Stripper Starter Pack

Whether you've danced for a day or for a decade, the Baby Stripper Starter Pack is all about growing your business the tried and true way: one sale at a time.  

Money Move(r)s 

Greenbacks. Benjamins. Stacks, Racks, Bands, Bones, Clams, & The Almighty Dollars. 


Whatever you call them, let's learn about building habits and strategies to keep 'em around.  And make sure they're working for you; not the other way around.  


Skincare! ft. Christine

Industrial dosages of makeup. Sweat. Dollar bills. Birth control.

Late nights. Busy days.

Butt pimples.​

Feeling outmatched?

We've got you. 


Check out these insider tips from the owner and head aesthetician of Spa Aeon, and get your skin back on track.