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Getting Started:

Payments, Returns, and Exchanges:

Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

What Payment Types Do You Accept?

Can Someone Else Pay For It? 

What Shows Up On My Statement? 

How Do I Get A Return? (Digital Products)

How Do I Get A Return? (Physical Products)

Digital Courses: 

Why Go Digital? 

How Do I Get My Product? 

Where Can I Access My Course?

What If I Lost My Password? 

I'm Having Technical Issues. Can You Help Me?

Physical Products:

Why Get Physical? (Physical)

How Soon Do You Ship?

What Will My Package Say? 

Do You Ship Internationally? 

Will I Get A Tracking Number?

What If My Package is Delayed/Missing?


What Makes Racks to Riches Different? 

For one, you. You are at the center of everything we do.   


Our courses, webinars, events, and small-group sessions are NOT one-use products. We build products and services designed to deliver over your career- whether you're here for a year or a few decades. 

Our goal?  To give you the resources, tools, and practices to take your business from GOOD to GREAT - without ever sacrificing on the things that make you unique. 

Racks to Riches starts from this premise, and builds comprehensive, high quality products backed with a satisfaction guarantee, and high accountability to deliver on our services.


We're here for the long haul, and we want to build a long-term relationship with YOU.  It's why DMs are always open, and why we offer HUNDREDS of articles, videos, and posts to help you grow your business.  We want to see you win!


When you buy from us, you get way more than a product.  You get great service, follow-up, and additional resources to supplement your growth.  You're a business-owner - and we will teach you and treat you as one. 

Can You Guarantee Results? 


All our products come with a 30-day full satisfaction guarantee.  We want you to get high-value, high-quality, and a great experience.  And we want you to feel safe and in control when you work with us. 

It's why we offer so many free videos, articles, and course previews. 


We want to make it easy for you to know what you're buying, and for you to transform your business using it. 

Want to know how other customers are doing? Check out our course reviews here. 

Do Your Products Work?


Let's get real: no course, product, or mentor can do the work for you.  WITHOUT effort, consistency and focus NONE of the information here will give you LONG-TERM results. 

Don't buy our products if you're not COMMITTED to your growth and READY to put in the work. 

If you want a scam, a finesse, or a party trick, look elsewhere. 


If you're looking for quality sales training information that can help you fast-track your sales, growth, and skills- you've found it. 

Our mission is to create effective, powerful, and high-earning salespeople, business-owners, and investors.  We're here for the long term, and we know you are too. 


What Should I Start With?

You can't choose a road without knowing the destination.  Before choosing one of our products, build some clear expectations about what you're looking to get out of a product or service like this - and read through our course curriculums, previews, and descriptions - all available in the store.  

Here's a general overview of our products, split by category.  Click on any of the items below for descriptions, previews, and more. 

Starting Out:

Starting Out E-Book

Mastering Your Mindset

Stripping the Sale Workbook

You're Now Live IG Vault

Tracking and Financial Organization:

Racks to Riches All-in-One Six-Month Planner

Mastering Your Mindset

Money Move(r)s Course

Exit Strategy Webinar ft. Bola Sokunbi (hosted 2x a year, 2020 Dates Arriving Soon) 

You're Now Live IG Vault

Sales Training:

Stripping the Sale Workbook

Mastering Your Mindset

10 Sales Commandments Webinar (hosted 4x a year, next session 12-1-19) 

101 Lines and When to Use Them - Digital Course

101 Lines and When to Use Them - Physical Book (coming soon!)

101 Lines and When to Use Them - Physical Workbook (coming soon!)

You're Now Live IG Vault



Do you know why we let customers decide the price?

Why we fold in tough negotiations?

Why we’ll do just a dance when we KNOW a VIP is the right option?


Because we’ve been taught that less cost is better value.

We’ve grown up thinking that we have to pay LESS to get MORE..

Coupon clipping.  Waiting for a sale.  Searching for savings.

Believing it's just TOO MUCH, and that you'll never have ENOUGH to get the things you WANT. 

If you’ve spent your whole life believing you have to pay less, you’ll believe your customers when they say it back to you!

It takes undoing to start thinking about what something is WORTH to you, instead of what the price tag is.  It's as true for us as it is for our customers.

"Why is this so expensive? Why does it cost so much?"

That’s what your customers will be asking after you commit to your sales training and financial literacy.

Actually, they'll ask you no matter what.  

The difference is you'll know how to answer instead of walking away.  You'll know the value of your service, product, and process.  And so will they. 


Here's our answer: 


 We believe that our products are the cheapest option on the market—for the value that you’ll get back. Our customer support, level of service, available product options, development, responsiveness and innovation are included in the price tag, by the way.  Free of charge.  

That's what other companies don't talk about when you get a lower price, by the way, is that it may be cheaper up front..but over time, a low-value product will cost you big.


In clarity of content.  In level of support.  In responsiveness.  In lost sales and productivity.


The bill is adding up.  

We're COMMITTED to a long-term relationship with you, and that's why we price products with customer support in mind.  We are available to resolve issues, to answer your questions, and to give you and your business the support you DESERVE.

Want to find out what kind of value we deliver?  Read our course reviews here, and check out our Youtube, Digital Course Previews, IGTV Channel, and landing page

Payments, Returns, and Exchanges


Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Here's what qualifies your purchase for a refund.  It's a long list, so prepare:

- You're not satisfied with your purchase.

The End. 

We believe in the quality of our products.  We believe in their potential to help our customers. And we want you to get that value, or get your money back. 

And we want you to feel safe and supported when you make a buying decision.  

From the day of your purchase, you'll have 30 days to make sure the product you buy is right for you.  We don't need a reason (although we'll ask for your feedback - good, bad, or neutral it helps us keep improving).  As long as we hear from you within that time frame, we'll have your back.

Note: if you're ordering a physical book, please read [How Do I Get A Return? (Physical Products)].


What Payment Types Do You Accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards.  

We also accept Paypal for physical product orders.

If you have an issue with those payment options, we may be able to process your order through a third party payment option - please contact orders@rackstoriches.com for more information.


Be aware that this may add time to processing your order- and that we're not able to send orders until payment confirmation is received.   


Can Someone Else Pay For It? 

They sure can.

In fact, we encourage it.

There's no better tip, gift, or favor than education.   

Ask a customer, ask a patron, or ask for a great birthday/Christmas present!

Whenever you sign up for a digital or physical product, you can choose what e-mail account or address gets associated with it - just be sure that if someone else is buying, you're comfortable with them having your e-mail or address! 


What Shows Up On My Bill? 

When you buy any of our products, you'll see Racks to Riches, LLC., on your bank statement.  

Be aware: we're the first result for this company name, so be careful if you have shared accounts or if someone monitors your purchases.  

Any physical packages will only say "RTR LLC" and none of our packaging is transparent - so what arrives stays between you and us. 


How Do I Get A Return?

(Digital Products)

If you’d like to request a refund, contact us at orders@rackstoriches.com with the subject line: return.  Please use this subject line so we can start the process as quickly as possible.

You can also contact us through the contact form through the Teachable platform. For more information on how to do so, please take a look at this article.

Please allow us 2-3 business days to process your request.  We'll reach out to you once your refund has gone through, and you'll receive all your funds as soon as Teachable processes it (usually 4-5 business days). 


How Do I Get A Return?

(Physical Products)

To receive a return, just send your physical product to the address listed on the package and e-mail orders@rackstoriches.com to notify us. 


Use the subject line: Return.


We will not be able to refund you if we do not receive the original materials- so if you choose to send it back, please make sure to use a tracking code to confirm when it arrives. Our address is:

Racks to Riches LLC

2000 Louisiana Avenue


New Orleans, Louisiana 70175


You'll receive a full refund as soon as your package arrives! 


Please Note:

- We will NOT consider returns for materials destroyed, heavily modified, or written in.  Any damage beyond reasonable wear and tear means we can't use the book again- so until you're sure that it's yours, please care for it accordingly.  

- Please make sure that you're buying the right product for your needs.  Reading the descriptions, reading the previews, and going over the tables of content can give you a more clear idea of whether a product is the right fit for you.  


- And don't be afraid to ask!   A refund isn't an insult or an offense.  All content creators need to be responsive and responsible to customers- and we want to lead the charge.  Heads up: we'll likely ask you for a little feedback to understand how we can better our products - it's 100% voluntary, but please consider responding! We love learning how to improve. 

Digital Courses


Why Go Digital

Well, where are you looking at this?


We carry devices around everywhere we go. 


From your phone to your tablet to your laptop, information travels with you.

And our digital courses do, too.  

All of our digital courses are available on one centralized platform, which allows you quick, easy, and automated access.  Digital courses also let us incorporate dynamic features like video lessons, interviews, tutorials, and quizzes. 

Each one of our digital courses is different, which is why we feature curriculum previews, and content previews in our courses.  

Finally, because they're digital, you get access IMMEDIATELY, and at a LOWER COST than comparable physical options.  Less publishing, editing, formatting, shipping, and handling costs mean we can pass the savings on to you.  


How Do I Shop?

Our digital store is available here.

We have digital options, events, and cost information in there, too! 

Where Can I Access My Course?

As soon as you order, you'll receive an e-mail from Teachable to the e-mail you put on file. 

It'll look like this:

Click on it, set up your password, and save the page.  This is where you'll go whenever you log in.  Please make sure you also save the password somewhere! It'll save you time and energy on future uses.  

You'll be able to log on over any desktop (tablet, computer) and over iOS devices through the Teachable App. 

What If I Lose My Password?

Hey, stuff happens.


If you've lost your password, go to the login page on Teachable.

Below the login button, click on "Forgot Password?" to reset your account.

I'm Having Technical Issues. 

Can You Help Me?

Would love to! 

If you have a technical issue that doesn't get resolved with the answers above, you can start by checking the course platform student guide


If you're still looking for an answer, you can contact us directly.  E-mail orders@rackstoriches.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Please give us 24 hours to respond to your message. 

Physical Products

Why Get Physical? (Physical)

We all learn differently. 

For one, I love underlining, highlighting, and dog-earing as I learn a new concept.

Taking notes, adding new lines or additions, and marking the dates of completed sections can also make for easier learning. 

That's why we've developed a series of unique, high-quality books to serve your business. 

Check out more about our physical book options here. 

How Quickly Do They Ship?

Our shipping team sends out orders every 2-3 days.  As soon as your package is sent in the mail, you'll receive a confirmation number.

Our media mail option arrives in 6-8 days.  Our Priority Mail option arrives in 2. 


If you're ordering 101 Lines and When to Use Them, you'll get access to a 2-week free trial of the course within 24 hours of purchase - so you can start enjoying the content ASAP!

What Will My Package Say? 

When you receive a Racks to Riches package, our primary goal is your privacy.  That's why our packages arrive in either Priority Mail envelopes or custom purple envelopes.  

The name listed on your package is RTR LLC, and the package is always closed and non-transparent, with no identifying company information - so no curious eyes get a peek.  

Do You Ship Internationally?

Our physical products are only available in the United States.  This includes terrotires, Hawaii, and Alaska. 

However, most of our products are available in digital formats - and with lower cost, no shipping fees, and immediate access, we have plenty of resources for the international baddies!  Click here for more info.   

What If My Package is Delayed or Lost?

Until your package arrives at your door, we take full responsibility for it.

That means if it's ever lost in transit, we make sure you get a fresh copy in the mail - or get you a full refund. 


To ensure your package arrives on time and without issues, please double-check the address you put in - and confirm that any apartment numbers, cardinal directions and Street v. Avenue v. Court are put in accurately. 

If you have any issues with delivery or delays, please e-mail us at orders@rackstoriches.com - we'll make sure it gets handled!