Dancer Related Resources

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(in alphabetical order)

Six Figure Stripper - Run by Nina Ross, six figure stripper offers personalized coaching, as well as weekly call-in courses for dancers of all experience levels.  If you're looking for one-on-one attention and a direct, targeted approach to customer interactions, check out her website, as well as her instagram over @ninas420life for advice and helpful tips.  



Stripper School- Stripper school has been around since 2003, and offers a pre-built courses on sales, financial management, and goal setting. Started by a (now retired) dancer, the website has videos, blog articles, and a training program for purchase. Be aware: there's not a ton of new content creation on the website, so you may have some gaps to fill in.  However, the author's clear writing style, well organized website, and video content all make it a useful resource if you're looking to fill up your plate.  



“In May of 2008, I assumed majority ownership of Naked Assets. In addition to the original DancerWealth course, I created the DancerWise and DancerVictory courses to coach entertainers towards SupperStripperdom. My personal goal is to continue dancing until I am Financially Free.

In 2012 I retired from stripping, found the love of my life, and run a medical business in a suburb of Dallas, TX. Nevertheless I recall my stripper experience with fond memories and positive thoughts. Despite the social stigma of being “a stripper” I proved every stereotype wrong!

I want to help you do the same….”


- From the “About” page

Stripper Web- If you're looking for a way to connect with other dancers, Stripper Web may be the most direct, no-nonsense tool to ask questions, check up on other areas and clubs, and get plugged into industry specifics.  With constantly updated forum threads and lots of specifics covered all over the site, definitely a value add to your information kit. 


“What is a StripperWeb? What can it do for me? Where did it come from?

The forums were first opened in January, 2002. After one month, we had collected a great group of about 50 members - mostly those displaced from the other sites. A year later (January 2003) our numbers had grown to over 600 members. We now have over 10,000 members. We are very proud to say that several of those original members are now leaders and elders of our site in their own right!

The site has gone through several software changes and feature additions. All of our great members have stuck it out with us and have helped to create this community so many call home. Over time, select members have been nominated and voted in as moderators by others. Their efforts and knowledge are what help make this site different from most.” 

-From the "About" Section









Strippreneur-  If you're looking for quick form content with a message, Strippreneur has motivational, educational, and straight up awesome content.  Follow @strippreneur on Instagram for a daily dose of "get up and at it."  Consistently updated and always on message: grow yourself, grow your business, and grow your life. 




Survive The Club- Well maintained website with articles, resources, and coaching sessions available. Survive The Club is great because it broaches topics that can be uncomfortable to chat about with a supportive and focused tone.  Articles like "My Partner Takes Advantage of Me and My Money," and "Can Being a Stripper Ruin My Career" address real concerns for entertainers without resorting to judgement or simple cliches.  Also runs a great instagram feed over at @survivetheclub.  


“Training is an essential part of any successful endeavor.  The hardest thing about stripping has always been that there is no coaching available to get on a fast track to making  money and establishing yourself financially.  A solid strategy takes years to develop, and once you've got it, you have only so many years before it's time to retire.  I want to help women make more for longer, invest wisely, live healthy, and build wealth that lasts for their entire fulfilling lives.  I believe that no matter where you come from, if you are willing to work hard and strategize like a boss you can go anywhere, but it's not gonna be easy.  If you are ready to improve, clarify, and make your goals into reality, one on one mentorship is for you.  No more excuses!  Figure out what you're here for, focus on your specific obstacles and plan to overcome them.  No matter how long you've been in the industry, if you're not getting out of it what you deserve I want to help you get there.” – from the home page

We Are Dancers USA-  If you're looking for resources in almost any aspect of dancer life, We Are Dancers has compiled a thorough list to explore, as well as resources to learn about your legal rights as an entertainer.  


“For dancers, by dancers, We Are Dancers USA is a harm reduction and advocacy organization seeking to empower our community by providing comprehensive needs-based information and resources.”