Money Move(r)s

Explore the basics of personal financial management in a course designed for adult entertainers. 


We have unique opportunities and challenges different from almost any other job- don't miss the opportunity to get on top of your finances, avoid financial mistakes, and start paying yourself like a boss.

You're Now Live! 

Constantly updated sessions with special guests, practical information, and extended Q&A. 


Your subscription comes with at MINIMUM of 4 long-form lives per month.  Stop, start, and fast forward- so you can get to the content you want, faster.

Mastering Your Mindset

Tired of getting distracted?  Ready to move past burnout?


Wherever you go, you bring yourself.  So make sure you're bringing your best self.  Your mindset is the most important part of your career..and the one we tend to take care of the least.

Put yourself first with this six-week course - for adult entertainers ready to optimize every area of their life!