The Planner

The all-in-one 6 month planner designed for dancers.


Track everything from last week's DJ tip-out to tonight's amazing shift with daily, weekly, and monthly tools. 


It's a write-in tracker- so you can start today! 

The Workbook

Wherever you go, there you are.  

Make sure you're bringing your best self to the club with you, with this 150+ page interactive workbook designed for adult entertainers.  

Explore mastering your mindset, get in touch with your financial blueprints, and get in control of your sales with this unique and beautifully designed stripper textbook.


The Workbook

Starting Out Cover_edited.jpg

We all start at the same place.

The front door, with some heels, a duffle bag, and a reason for showing up.

Learn about what to look for in a club, how to prepare for an audition, and dispel common myths about the industry in this easy-to-read and content-packed e-book.