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Creating a look, doing up keep and developing with changing industry standards can be an almost a full-time job in itself.  To help you get more information in this department, here's some field experts to get you started.  


For these, I’ve posted long articles with more than one resource so you can browse at your own convenience.  With a few of my own favorites to boot.


If you're looking to browse, here's a long form article with beauty gurus ready to give you the look: 


“Most Popular Beauty Gurus On YouTube That Will Inspire You”



“15 Instagram Beauty Gurus Worth Following”



Marisol Bautista

The queen of eyeshadow.  Her tutorials are super informative, and her Instagram account @marisolbautistaa has short, concise videos that make complex looks way easier to do. 


Farah Dhukai 

Farah is awesome if you have troublesome skin or just want to build a skin routine that has makeup but also has lots and lots of self-love.   She also has lots of hacks for things like teeth whitening, clearing acne, and getting rid of body hair that make her channel worth watching. You can find her on IG @farahdhukai


Jackie Aina

Delightfully honest, really funny, and a really talented makeup artist. Her reviews are on point, and she's fantastic at calling out brands that don't offer quality options for all consumers.  IG @jackieaina


Nikkie Tutorials

She’s funny, she’s really good at makeup, and she makes it plain and simple.  Her IG @nikkietutorials has lots of full makeup looks you can copy and more than a few quick tutorials that cite the products she’s using. 



10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Hair Tutorials


Luxy Hair

It’s a bit glossy and cutesy for my taste, but there’s no denying it.  Luxy has put in the work and it shows.  A wide, and I mean wide, range of tutorials and tips puts this channel squarely in the lead as a styling tool.




For awesome weave and wig content, Peakmill is ahead of the curve on quality tutorials and transformations.  If you wear extensions and you're not on her content, you're missing out.  Check out her channel, or her IG over @peakmill



Dacey Cash 

As far as club hairstyles go, this girl has got it going.  Especially for "Gentlemen's Club" looks, she simplifies those Victoria's Secret-looking hairdo's that look super complicated to master without a stylist.